H2 EUROPE Mission:

We are improving the lives of people by teaching them to help others and giving them the opportunity for personal and financial growth.



H2 EUROPE, specialising in Management & Freedom

A carefully executed plan for independent dealers.

About the company

H2 Europe is the only Company in Europe, which has a functioning hydrogen molecule in capsule with the highest generation of hydrogen on the market with exclusive sales for EU states. It was established in the Czech Republic in autumn 2016 on the basis of collaboration by several professionals in network marketing and leading specialists in the field of MOLECULAR HYDROGEN THERAPY and nutritional supplements. The H2 Europe Company has gained respect by introducing the Recovery H2 product (hydrogen capsules for dissolving in water with measurable hydrogen generation results).

We bring our knowledge and experience with first-class products in the field of special nutrition from around the world to production of our products and we combine these with reliability and a responsible approach by our local European suppliers, so that the H2 Europe brand becomes a guarantee of the best quality for all our customers. H2 Europe products influence markets in Europe by means of our business partners and provide invaluable benefits to our satisfied customers.

However, H2 Europe offers much more than appears at first glance. We are the owner of unique MOLECULAR HYDROGEN KNOW HOW and we are aware of current trends, whereas network marketing is one of the fastest paths towards financial independence or fulfilment of your own dreams according to many specialists. The word “dream” is therefore inseparably linked to the H2 Europe Company.

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