Radko Legát

He has been active in various types of therapy, physiotherapy and massages for over 20 years. During his activities he has acquired 15 years of experience in the field of therapy with the medicinal leech and has several years of experience in application of molecular hydrogen. He has also carried out lecturing activities during his work for 17 Years.

MUDr. (MD) Martina Roubalová

An expert with 10 years of experience in the field of alternative – detox medicine

MUDr. (MD) Anton Hirner

A dentist, the founding member of the Slovak Chamber of Dentist

MUDr. (MD) Pavel Šácha

Graduated from the Medical Faculty of General Medicine in Brno, 1st level attestation in paediatrics in Hradec Králové. In 1992 he left the state sector and devoted his activities to private allergology. From 1995 he began studying homotoxicology in Austria and VEGA system information therapy in Schiltach in Germany. He has managed an internet advisory website since 2000.

MUDr. (MD) Ivo Špaček

A general practitioner, an expert in the field of bio-resonance therapy and methods linked to stopping smoking.

MUDr. (MD) Josef Pekárek

Internist, an expert in the field of bio-resonance therapy.