Hirudovital h2europe Siber active h2europe company H2 probio H2europe company H2 EUROPE'S MOLECULAR HYDROGEN
Original formulations
All products regularly tested for safety and efficacy.
Natural ingredients from proven sources only.
100% Vegan
Free from animal products and additives of animal origin.
Recovery H2 inside
A unique game-changer in regeneration


Molecular hydrogen-generating capsules
Molecular hydrogen is a natural substance with exceptional regenerative and revitalizing abilities. The uncrowned king of all antioxidants, capable of penetrating where other antioxidants cannot reach.

Molecular hydrogen:

  • Supports the fight against lifestyle diseases
  • Gives you an extra boost of energy
  • Gets your regeneration and immunity up and running
  • Kick-starts your athletic performance
  • Benefits your beauty
  • Makes managing stress a breeze
Hirudovital h2europe
Leech therapy in a capsule


The path to health is through healthy blood vessels
An herbal hirudotherapy alternative to support the cardiovascular system.

Siber active h2europe company
Polluted enviroment, clean body


A magnet for heavy metals
An essential helper for anyone exposed to the harsh conditions of modern times (pollution, stress).

Natural immunostimulation


Comprehensive support for the immune system

Natural support for immunity and protection of cells against oxidative stress and premature ageing.

Gut microbiome support

H2 Probio

Unique, balanced probiotics complex

The combination of probiotics and prebiotics in a hydrogen-producing consortium creates unique conditions for effective bacterial replenishment in both the large and small intestine.

Help for irritated skin

Dermacius gel

A combination of natural tradition and excellent research results for skin integrity and regeneration.

With its composition, this product creates a natural environment for maximizing the protective, restorative and strengthening effects on the skin and the integrity of the skin barrier, formulated according to the highest demands on the quality and safety of ingredients. 

H2 Europe’s products can face the health challenges of modern times.
Each of our products is unique as well; you won't find anything like them on the market.
What makes H2 Europe’s products special?

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Real effects confirmed by real users


Anna Šišková
Slovenská herečka
"Two months ago, I started using Recovery H2 Inside and CellaWell products. At first, I didn't even realise how my joints gradually stopped hurting and I had more energy."
Emilia Clarke
Petr Svoboda
Czech international in athletics
"Throughout my athletic career I have had a lot of health problems, mostly Achilles’ tendonitis or torn muscles, as well as countless small aches and pains."
Emilia Clarke
Roman Červenka
Czech ice hockey forward
"I came across H2 Europe products through my physician, who recommended them to me for recovery between the games which I play two days in a row."
Eugen Rašev, M.D.
founder of postural therapy
"I used Recovery H2 Inside from spring to summer 2019. During this time, I trained intensively four times a week on both a road and time trial bike and worked daily at the institute


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