Kosmetický produkt

Dermacius gel

Recommended retail price: 820,-Kč / 30,-EUR Skin and body gel for irritated skin The basis of the product is the exceptional bioactive peptide alaptide, the discovery of which is the result of briliant modern research carried out in the Czech Republic. Alaptide has remarkable regenerative and stimulating effects on human cells. It quickly penetrates the skin into the dermis, where it stimulates white blood cells to trigger defense reactions in the body and supports the growth of healthy cells. The advanced knowledge of science is combined with the proven power of nature – the herbs calendula, fenugreek and plantain, whose invaluable properties have been tested for centuries. Allantoin has a wide range of effects that contribute to the good condition and strengthening of the skin. The gel has a light texture, is quickly absorbed, and is perfume-free. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive. Package contents: 50 ml