A carefully crafted plan for independent vendors


Are you satisfied with the products of H2 Europe? Do you have people around you who could benefit from our products?

Then sign up as our business partner and get a financial reward for recommending them! You don’t need any special business knowledge or tools – all you need is to share information about our products with the right target group.

Do you know any people who takes care of their health? Do you have friends who often complain about a lack of energy and stress? Do you work with clients in the beauty and wellness industry? Do you operate in sports? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Our partner programme will help you to increase your family budget by a nice amount effortlessly. Or jump right in and build a full monthly income through your own activity.



Step 1
Register as a business partner

Fill in the registration form below, choose your starter registration product package (different options available) and wait for the approval of your registration. Approval usually takes place within 24 hours; once approved, you will gain access to your shopping account, as well as your business office, where you can track and manage your rewards.

Step 2
Recommend our products

Upon registering, you will receive your personal sponsor link, which allows you to easily recommend products and refer prospective customers directly to customer registration and purchase. Thanks to your unique sponsor link, we will know that it was your recommendation that led to that purchase. You can spread the link in a variety of ways – in person, on social media, on your own website or blog.

Step 3
Earn your reward

For each purchase a customer makes on our site on the basis of your direct referral, you will be credited with a commission of up to 17% of the purchase value. As an added benefit, a customer who makes a purchase with us on the basis of your referral is permanently linked to your account and you will be paid a reward for all subsequent purchases made by that customer. Besides, if more business partners register with us on the basis of your referral, the door to other interesting bonuses opens for you. Once you have at least €30 worth of rewards loaded in your partner account, you can get these commissions paid into your bank account.


Partner registration will get you access to a range of free marketing materials (flyers, brochures, videos) that will make the start of your business easier. Our video will guide you through the registration process.